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New 2-Hour DJ Mix:

Structured Rhythms Vol. 3

A 2-hour mix of underground electronic music including techno, progressive house, minimal, deep tech, tech house, and related genres, including original music.

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In the shadowy depths of the afterhours a new sound was born. It is energetic and groovy, made to make you move until the morning hours, and crosses dimensions into new soundscapes.

Like the air we breathe, or the water that quenches, the music will nourish your soul. Keep it locked on Structured Rhythms.

We may not visit you monthly, but when we do, we promise to deliver 2 hours of quality every single time. We’ll make it worth the wait, or the storm. Whichever comes first. Thanks for stopping by.

Structured Rhythms is hosted by Vancouver music producer/DJ Shadowfigure, a ten-year resident of famous Gorg-O-Mish After Hours in the Pacific Northwest.

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